“Individuality is the splash of colour on the black and white canvas of society… how do you colour the world today?”



Individuality is the kaleidescope that colours the world in which we live. It is often defined as the qualities that distinguishes one person from the other. Though it is commonly believed that is is established in our thoughts and emotions it is actually separated from such and is found in the characteristics of who we are under the clout of society…

This is a mere stroke of the brush and if you’re interested in finding out more about the purpose of this blog, you are welcome to give my about page a read.


“It was the kind of love that was found in the whispers of the eyes and in the caress of silence. Such could not be uttered, mere words would tarnish the purity that resided in the two hearts. For there is nothing more exquisite than the budding of a new love – that which grew from the decomposition of the past…”

My blog is where my writing can be found. Be it short stories, book reviews, essays or simply ideas. I’ll be posting on a time permitting basis and I would be happy to hear your feedback, be it good or bad. Enjoy!