Inside ‘My Writing Diary’

Individuality is the kaleidescope that colours the world in which we live. It is often defined as the qualities that distinguishes one person from the other. Though it is commonly believed that is is established in our thoughts and emotions it is actually separated from such and is found in the characteristics of who we are under the clout of society.


Many people sacrifice their individuality for the acceptance of others; identity is thus found in groups, for many find it safer to be accepted with a given identity than rejected with an original one. People are then gradually transformed from a single primary colour into a collective smudge. The alluring sense of this smudge is that all actions are based within the choices of the group; not one, but all are held accountable.

Our lives are altered and created through the choices and consequences of our actions and though groups might offer the illusion of a clear conscience the undeniable truth is that we are still physically separated from our fellow peers and must alone pay for the consequences of our choices; whether influenced by a group or not.

However, the real question remains: how can one be an individual in a society that defines who we ought to be?

In the reality of conformity one can only expect nothing, 3dbece9655150b105209ced36776d94fbut society to be a slave of influence. Individuality is the escape from such. Individuality gives us the paintbrush of personality and it is what makes us push the boundaries of what we know. Incredible world altering discoveries have been made because individuals had the intrepidity to stand out and exhibit their individuality, sharing their ideas. Each and every one of us has this ability and all it takes is the courage to make the first stroke. This blog is here to represent my own individuality in the world. It is the way I wish to colour the black and white canvas of society that we live in.

“It is important to foster individuality for only the individual can produce new ideas”

-Albert Einstein